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The Manningham United Blues Football Club is a community based Club, run purely by the efforts of volunteering parents.

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The Mission of the Club is to provide young girls and boys with the opportunity to learn and play the game of soccer while developing skills, tactics, and social experiences, which they can take with them on their journey through life. The club's values are:

  • Fair play
  • Enjoyment at all levels for all soccer participants
  • Community and family orientation
  • Open registration
  • Positive coaching
  • Everyone plays
  • Multi-cultural

To help maintain our club and build for future growth, Manningham United Blues Football Club is seeking sponsors interested in forming mutually-beneficial relationships. This relationship will help us procure playing kits, help us develop our players, and promote your business. Some of the key benefits available to sponsors are as follows:

  • Company promotion through banner branding.
  • Company promotion through our newsletter.
  • Company promotion through our website and our Team Smart Phone App.
  • Promotion of the enterprise's name and logo.
  • Access to selling products to the organisation membership
  • Ability to set up trade displays at events

We look forward to discussing your support of the club.

Yours sincerely


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